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It’s a … boothless Selfie Photo Stand!

Photo Stand is more than just taking a picture. It pump ups the “fun factor” in your event and it brings people to be silly together (while posing for photos). Plus, the printed photos can be your souvenirs that guests will simply love!

Unscrunch your memories with Selfie Photo Stand. Most photo booths/stand cram your guests in like clowns in a tiny car at the circus. Oh look, there’s Aunt Sarah’s ear and Uncle Jah’s chin. Oh … the memories. But not anymore.

We offer an ultra-compact, versatile, and very portable photo stand that is built with the latest DSLR camera and printer technology. I guess you could say that we are the Go-Anywhere Selfie Photo Stand rental company.

Selfie Photo Stand is owned and operated by Privately. We provide an extremely fun and interactive photo stand experience for your wedding, graduation, party, or any other special event. Our photo stands’s have been enjoyed at bridal showers, corporate events, birthday parties, and family reunions…the possibilities are endless!

We are committed to providing your and your guests with the best customer service and care with an experience that will leave everyone talking long after the event has ended. We love what we do and it shows from our energy and excitement. It would be our absolute pleasure to be part of your special day or next event. We will always work hard to provide a unique and lasting memory for you and your guests.

Selfie Photo Stand offers squish-free photos with plenty of room for the rest of Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jah’s faces. It’s full facial fun for everyone. Add costumes and Selfie Photo Stand is the life of the party, breaking the ice, connecting your guests and snapping countless smiles for precious keepsakes.


Your friendly Selfie Photo Stand attendant keeps the smiles rolling and the photos flowing.


Guests can share photos via Facebook and Twitter. You can add custom #s and captions.


Guests can send their photos directly to their emails or to friends and families right from Selfie Photo Stand.


A high quality printer allows guests to take home a 4×6 snapshot in a flash.


Guests can text the picture to themselves for easy sharing from their smartphone.


You can add your logo or special message on the Selfie Photos and all your photos.


We have color, black & white, sepia, cartoon, sketch, Warhol, night vision, thermography, pixel art, comic book and mosaic to choose from.


Stand on an elephant, balance on the tip of the Eiffel Tower or swim with sharks. With our green screen, your imagination is your only limitation.


We have a wide array of backdrops from which to choose or we can make a custom backdrop for you. We are at your services to make the day beautiful.


Our Photo Stand becomes a lead collection for your event with photos and prospects.


Scribble, doodle and draw on your photos with colored light.


Create a custom frame for photos from your special event or let us do it for you.

Interested in our services? We would be pleased to walk you through our fast and simple booking process.